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The Midlands Centre is a regional centre of the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) and organise Sprints at the Curborough Sprint Course. Since 2009 the Centre has taken over the administration of the BARC SBD Speed Championship. Up to 2012 the Midlands Centre organised the car races at the Plum Pudding Race Meeting at Mallory Park on Boxing Day but not in 2013.


Chairman - Alan Ward

Trained as a Printed Circuit Board Draughtsman in Trafford Park, Manchester. Transferred to New Parks, Leicestershire in 1968; joined BARC Midlands Centre soon after moving to one of the villages next to Kirkby Mallory and Mallory Park. Later asked by our daughter and son-in-law to join their games software company, and finally retired in 2010. After the Midlands Centre was disbanded for a few years it was re-instated in 1987 and Alan was one of those who volunteered to be on the committee. He became Chairman when he took over from Cliff Johnson.

Secretary / Competition Secretary - Noreen Ward

Trained as a Secretary in Trafford Park, Manchester and then left work after marrying Alan and subsequently having 2 children. Returned to work again as a secretary, in New Parks, Leics after a few years at home. Later I worked as Manager of some shoe shops before returning to the secretarial work in the steel industry until retirement age. Became Secretary of the Midlands Centre about 2002 and in 2003 also took over as Competition Secretary. At the Centres Conference in 2009 because the South East Centre no longer wanted to run the BARC SBD Speed Championship, and I did not want it to fold, I volunteered to take that on as well Fortunately the Treasurer’s wife offered to take over as Minute Secretary to relieve me of some of the work.All of this is working very well.

Treasurer - Richard (Dick) Spreadbury





Alan Stevens, Brian Poulter, Cliff Johnson, Christine Spreadbury (Minute Secretary), Evelyne Buanic, John & Penny Riseley, Mark Martin and Mike Plummer.

The Midlands Centre celebrated its 25th birthday since its re-formation at the Mallory Park Sprint in March 2012.

Trophies & Awards

At the Midlands Centre Annual Dinner the Chairman’s Trophy for a Committee Member, The Riseley Trophy for a person ‘who does something within Motorsport’ and a Marshal’s Trophy are presented.

Also Marshals Loyalty Gifts given to those who attended all our events. The BARC SBD Speed Championship Trophies are also presented to the winners.

Officials & Marshals

All Officials and Marshals are greatly appreciated by the Centre and new Marshals are given all the help they may need. The Midlands Centre has a Rescue Unit which is very well maintained and has a very experienced and well supported Crew.

Starting Out In Motorsport

A Basic Guide to getting started in Motor Racing.


The controlling body for Motor Sport in the UK is the Motor Sports Association (MSA) who derive their authority from the FIA in Geneve. The FIA is the highest international body involved in the administration of Motor Sport.

All competitors need to obtain a Competition Licence from the MSA. Request a “Starter” pack which will include an application form and details of ARDS courses offered by racing schools in the UK. It is necessary to attend and pass an ARDS course before the MSA will issue a national B race licence.

Those wishing to go karting or into speed events need a slightly different licence before they start competing.

The BARC’s own Thruxton Motorsport Centre and Croft Circuit offer ARDS courses. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and professional racing drivers. They will assess your capabilities, and advise you as to whether you are best suited to racing a saloon, sportscar or single-seater. However, we recognise that you may have already made up your mind!

All applications to the MSA for a racing license have to be accompanied by a medical report completed by a doctor (form supplied in the Starter Pack).

The MSA may be contacted on 01753 765000, by visiting their website or alternatively, you can write to them at:
The Motor Sports Association Ltd.
Motor Sports House
Riverside Park
Colnbrook, Slough

Once you are in possession of a competition licence you need to become a member of an MSA recognised motor club such as the BARC.

Once you have gained your licence, you are ready to take the next step, and decide which Championship or Series to join.

There are over 100 different Championships in the UK, administered by dozens of different organisations or clubs. For most of them, you will need to buy and race-prepare a car or join a professional team who provide and maintain the car.


It is very difficult for us to quantify the costs of you becoming a racing driver as the frequency at which you compete or the degree of technical sophistication you wish to attain will have a very significant impact on your overall costs.

However, you should recognise that you will incur costs in all of the following areas:

  • ARDS course and competition licence
  • Personal equipment (overalls, helmet etc)
  • Purchase of a suitable car (depending on the Championship you wish to enter)
  • Car preparation or Team agreement
  • Purchase of a suitable electronic transponder for race timing purposes
  • Annual Club membership
  • Annual Subsidiary Club membership, depending on the Championship
  • Annual Championship Registration fee
  • Race entry fees
  • Transport costs to/from each race meeting (using a trailer or transporter etc)
  • Accommodation at race meetings, hotels, food etc

Kids Camera Club

'BARC Midlands Camera Kids' Competition – Children under 14 years of age can collect a ‘one-off’ camera, take their pictures and return the camera. The Committee judge the pictures and the winner receives an award. The photos are sent to the children.

All the winners’ pictures are shown at the Annual Dinner and the overall winner voted for and is given a digital camera.


2013 winning picture taken by Annabelle Hunt aged 6. As the winner she received a digital camera. Winning Photo